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My name is Tony Irving welcome to my website. I am a Sydney based landscape & creative photographer who is in an endless pursuit of perfection to capture creation in all its forms. Travelling extensively both in Australia and internationally, my experiences are driven by a love of our natural surroundings, sharing scenes and feelings of creation’s beauty with people around the world through social media streams.

  • TonyIrving 20151013-594A7634-Iceland
  • TonyIrving 20151011-594A6262-Iceland
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  • TonyIrving 20151229-015A0110-MusketCove Fiji
  • TonyIrving 20151014-594A7864-Iceland
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  • TonyIrving 20131201-Great Ocean Road Vic
  • TonyIrving 20140412-594A2794-Maroubra NSW
  • TonyIrving 20150418-594A2312-Manly
  • TonyIrving 20150330-594A1511-Circular Quay
  • TonyIrving 20150214-594A0577-WhaleBeach
  • 20140426-594A5107-Edit-Edit-Edit
  • TonyIrving 20140520-594A6525-Narrabeen NSW
  • TonyIrving 20140621-594A8196-Kurnell NSW

My photographs have been published widely, both in Australian and overseas social media streams, newspapers and other publications. Visit my portfolio to purchase images and for examples of my work, or contact me to discuss any special requirements.

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TonyIrving 20131201-Great Ocean Road Vic

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